Saturday, November 22, 2014

WCC - Games 7 to 10

After 10 games, Carlsen is leading 5.5 to Anands 4.5 and needs only a win or 2 draws to clinch the WCC.

Game 7 

Game 8 

Game 9 

Game 10 

What Segmentation?

I was running some scans on the nse segments like cnx 500 / Mid Caps / Small Caps etc and found that many stocks are present all over the segments which defeats the purpose of having segments in the first place! For example, above is a screen shot of the first few stocks in the list of stocks from the cnx 500 group. And below is the cnx small cap group. The stocks highlighted in yellow color are common to both the segments. How come?  

I mean once you decide that ' blue marbles go in the blue bag and red marbles go in the red bag' then that's it and no red marble should ever find its way into the blue bag and vice versa. Anyway, I could never understand how the nse guys work.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

WCC - Games 5 and 6

Game 5 - Queens Indian Defence - Draw.

Game 6 - Sicilian Open - Both players blundered one after the other but Carlsen won. 

I didn't like the way Anand played the sixth game.  Anyway, it was a double blunder.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Weekly Sector Performance


There are nine sectors which I track regularly. Above is a relative strength plot of various sectors. It shows how the sectors are performing relative to the benchmark Sensex. Currently, autos and banks and FMCG are outperforming.  The key to the colors is like:

Auto (A) - Red
Banks (B) - Green
Capital Goods (CG) - Violet
FMCG - Cyan
Health Care (HC) - Yellow
IT - White
Metals (M) - Blue
Oil and Gas (OG) - Black
Real Estate (RE) - Orange

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Vast Empty Space

Here's a scale model of our solar system. We are used to seeing the whole  thing on one page like say in a geography school book but when everything is measured on a scale, things look totally different. 

I've taken a kinda break from the markets and maybe I'll do an update on this weekend. 

WCC - Game 3 and 4

Game 3 was a Queens Gambit Declined and Anand found a new sequence of moves and Carlsen lost.

Game 4 was a Sicilian and ended in a draw.

After 4 games the score is now even at 2:2  There are total 12 games.The player to first score 6.5 points will be the World Champion. If the scores are even after 12 games then they will play tie breaker games.

Monday, November 10, 2014

WCC Game 2

The second game started with the Spanish opening. Anand was in time trouble in the rooks + queen endgame and blundered. Watch the analysis here by Daniel King. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

September Picks

In the last week of September, I had these stock picks.  Sonata is now at 144 (+15%). Bharat Forge and Polaris were stopped out. GPPL is now at 172 (+6%), Sundaram Fastners is at 185 (+25.8%) and Gabriel is at 96 (+18.5%).